Something a little bit different…

Ours isn’t like other dental practices. From the moment you walk through our door you’ll see what we mean!

From the modern, vibrant décor to the TV screens and music playing in the background; from the convenient appointment times available to state-of-the-art technology that reduces treatment times and the number of visits required.

Our approach to dental treatment is a little bit different too. Gone are the days of authoritarian dentists constantly drilling and filling. Instead, welcome the Enhance approach; inclusive, consultative, friendly and geared towards achieving the best dental health and the most brilliant smile we can. After all, these are your teeth and we’re just here to help you make them look their best, and keep them that way.

We believe that everyone is entitled to a good quality dental treatment and this doesn’t always need to cost the earth! We want to offer our patients ALL the options and so we provide both NHS and Cosmetic dental treatments. We are happy to discuss and decide the direction of your treatment dependent upon your clinical, financial and aesthetic needs. Together we can ensure that you are completely satisfied and content.

We welcome patients of all ages including children. Whether you are considering a complete smile makeover or are looking for a family dentist to meet your ongoing needs, the Enhance Dental Care team have the skill and dedication to help.

We are here to Enhance your smile!

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